AirBNB+ with Experiences


AirBNB is primarily a room rental service, and it is slowly trending towards being just like every other accommodation service Рbland, repetitive, same-priced, unexceptional.

What if you could

  • wear the host’s clothes
  • use a¬†kitchen that is fully stocked
  • get tips about the best local bars and restaurants (with discount vouchers)
  • even rent their friendship (or one of their actual friends)

Basically you become them for a short while. A truly unique experience.

Example… my family live in Huntly, NZ. It’s quite an ordinary, small town. I would venture it would be totally unenjoyable without any guidance. But with guidance, you could get a very real experience of small town NZ life… your guide booklet suggests:

  • buying a 12 pack of DB Draught from the local New World
  • getting fish and chips from the Chinese takeaway
  • the best local TV shows to watch
  • buy veggies from a roadside stall, and meat from the butcher, and use the included BBQ and marinades to cook a great dinner
  • getting a Lotto ticket
  • the pool comp at the pub
  • a bush hike
  • a drive to Raglan, hippie surfie town

And, and, and, if there is a party happening, the hosts can earn points for letting you hang out. This would obviously be the hardest part to make happen…

Regardless, beats staying at a hotel and eating at the hotel restaurant.

The target audience is the people who pay $500/night to stay in a yurt. They will pay for an authentic experience that represents where they are through a locals eyes, and is a unique experience that nobody else can replicate.

Call it…. XP