Reporta – Free App Idea – Could Be Huge!


A very easy to build app could be massive if you get the right stakeholders on board:

  • Police
  • Council
  • TV/Radio/Newspapers
  • VicRoads (local road authority)

The concept is basic – take a photo (or video if need be), the GPS location is tagged, you type short message (or nothing if the photo tells the story), and you choose which authority to send it to. Not anonymous, your name and phone number will be included.

See any of these and report them, quickly:

  • Crime
  • oBike in a stupid place (or damaged)
  • Graffiti
  • Potholes
  • Damaged public property, like road signs
  • Storm damage

For something like a pothole, if enough people report it, the council will be prompted to make fixing it a priority.

There is no revenue model, except maybe if everyone ends up installing it, media might pay for photos or videos