Dark Kitchens+

(I had this idea before I heard of dark kitchens – it is the same idea, but modular, like a prefab school building)

Future: more food deliveries to homes, less eating within inexpensive restaurants.

Problem: certain products, like burgers, don’t travel well and don’t easily stay hot
Solution #1: use industrial premises that are near residential. Lower cost buildings because they are purely cooking and delivery. No seats, no toilets, no public parking.
Solution #2: create self-contained kitchens that can fit in a garage. They use portable gas and the only external connections required water and exhaust.
Result: food created affordably, sold at eat-in prices, delivered quickly.
Possible issues: parking for deliveries and deliverers. Waste.
Advantages: a kitchen-in-a-box can be mass-produced to the standards of a major fast food player, and deployed (or redeployed) in days. Can also be used for food-truck scenarios.